It’s all about the members!

In a serviced based industry which is all about the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the your club members, it is critical that each and every system, process and business tool you use needs to be member centric.

Members centric   mem·ber/ˈmembər/

Noun:     An individual belonging to a group such as a society or team: “a drama club member”.  An animal or plant belonging to a taxonomic group: “a member of the lily family”. cen·tric/ˈsentrik/

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Yes you can have a truly paperless system.

Firstly don’t have any paper …

This is now a lot easier to accomplish with online tools and software which can store your contracts and legal documents.  With the rapid growth of the iPad and tablet computer market documents stored on the software are now portable and can be read in a normal manner rather than on a PC screen.   Continue reading

What are the real benefits of a paperless system?

What are the real benefits of a paperless system?

When you change your systems and procedures from those that have been around for years you have to weigh up the benefits. Here are 7 benefits of moving to a paperless membership system.

1. Cost

Ever wondered how much your files are costing you? You might be surprised at how much you can save by going paperless.  In an average facility approximately 30% of receptionists/administrator time is spent retrieving, replacing or adding to members files, this equates to 30% of time spent away from face to face customer service.

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5 reasons why you need an integrated membership management system

Club managers love their members really but they get really frustrated when, they don’t complete all their details, miss a payment, have to manually manage payments, have to point out the terms of a contract when a member wants to leave with no evidence of a member receiving a contract, and a member never getting the club newsletter about a function or new class.  Phew… just a couple of things but these tend to make or break a business.

Here are 5 ways a truly integrated fitness membership system can help overcome these issues.

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Monitoring your membership payments and 5 things you need to remember

Gym clean and tidy – check, changing room clean – Check, machines working – check, staff arrived – check… lets open the doors for another fun day at the Gym!

But you know as the gym manager that this is just the start of a long day managing the membership payments of your members.  From not enough contact or payment information, missing paper work, missed payments or unaccounted for money in your account.

Here are 5 things to look out for when managing your membership payments.

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